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Modern Kitchen

Estimates ~ Pricing ~ Billing

Estimate Appointment

Longhouse Remodeling & Construction Inc. starts our client relationship with scheduling an estimate appointment. The appointment is usually an hour long.  

During the appointment we do a walk-through of the project area. Taking measurements and notes of the space. Discussing solutions and possibilities to create the new kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living area you have dreamed of. We take into consideration things like the load path of your home, drainage, existing structures, and options for cost savings.

Most importantly, we get to know each other. When hiring a remodeling contractor trust, transparency, and good communication are key, as well as experience. 


Building the Estimate

After the Estimate Appointment Longhouse will build an estimate for your project. We gather pricing for materials, subcontractors, and labor. The estimates take a large amount of effort and time to make sure that we are as accurate as possible.

Depending on the scope and size of your project, if it is appropriate, we will send you a shared spread sheet where we organize and keep track of all your finish materials for your remodel. Sometimes homeowners have already found a particular fixture, tile, or slab before we begin, and they want to build off it or they are excited about shopping for their finishes. Our spreadsheet keeps everything organized and transparent so that everyone is on the same page with what the end-result should be. As we order your finishes you will see the spreadsheet get updated.

House Plan Review

Pricing and Billing

Our billing is clear, transparent, and never a surprise!


Once the estimate has been signed this dollar amount becomes the  Project Budget. Budget tracking and cost control is essential in construction.

Longhouse tracks all costs of each item that contributes to your project. This includes our Labor, Subcontractors (ex: Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC), Service Providers (recycling/dump fees, toxin testing, permits). Tracking these costs ensures we stay on budget with your project. 

With your normal invoice (after the initial deposit invoice) you will receive a budget update as well. It will show how much you have paid, where it went, and how much budget is left. As with anything, sometimes during the process a homeowner may find something they want to add or change. The detailed process of how we handle this is spelled out in our contracts, but the basics are that we provide you an estimate for the additional costs and then move forward.

Calculate Savings

Getting the work done.

As we begin your project we will install dust containment barriers, ram board. We work hard to be as little disruption as possible to your living environment.


You will get weekly updates from our owner, Stephen, about where we are with the progress. Obviously, we cannot always predict every possible thing that might arise. However when the unforeseeable shows up, we work with you to move through the bumps quickly and keep progress moving forward.


Wooden Floor Living Room

Thank  you !

Depending on project size, there maybe call for an "owner's manual" to be created. In this event we will send you a final folder of all important documents to keep with your home going forward. 


Finally is our thank you! We appreciate our clients and thank them for trusting us and referring us to their friends and family.

If you would like to see what some of our clients have said in the past check out our testimonials click the button below. 

Remodeling Contractor

We accept checks, ACH (we provide through link sent on emailed invoices) and Credit Cards/Debit Cards.
*Cards are charged an additional fee.

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