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Meet Stephen

Stephen began his construction career at 17 as an after school and summer job for a window and siding company breaking down old window glass.  From there he moved up to being on the crew doing the installs and then finally leading the crew. His career took him to various construction jobs including working for a waterproofing litigation construction firm (a contractor that fixes the bad work of other contractors), a custom cabinet shop, and a few apartments maintenance companies. Stephen is still good friends with the owners of all the companies he came up through, but in 2013 decided to become their peer and open his own construction business. Stephen believes that quality craftsmanship does not have to be compromised due to budgets. Everyone can have a beautiful job while still respecting the client's wallet. His favorite work is carpentry, but he enjoys it all and loves seeing his clients enjoy the finished projects.

When not on the jobsite you will likely find Stephen playing with his kids, coaching striking class at the local gym, or riding dirt bikes.

Residential addition, residential siding repair. Longhouse Remodeling.
Accessible Deweling Unit  ADU Remodel Attic Conversion.

Meet Randy

Randy has a Business Management and Marketing degree from Portland State and has always worked at least part time for Longhouse since the inception. Randy, while working for Longhouse, also worked administratively for a commercial multifamily construction firm, for a local plumbing and HVAC company, and finally for a luxury build contractor in Portland. Each time gaining new skill sets in bookkeeping, HR, finance, scheduling. In 2017 Randy took an ownership stake in Longhouse and now is the full-time office manager. She helps with keeping budgets on track, timely billing, managing employees, and bookkeeping. She may swing by the jobsite from time to time, checking in and taking more pictures of the jobs for social media. When not working, she is out taking care of her chickens, spending time with her big family, or hopefully out fishing (which is her favorite thing). 

Owner of Longhouse Construction Residential Remodeling Portland Oregon

The Crew In Action!

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